The Data Science Student Society (DS3) is the premiere interdisciplinary data science organization on campus, composed of over 100+ undergraduate students passionate about all facets of Data Science. As the largest data science organization, we offer many resources, events, and opportunities, designed to encourage career development amongst all of our members, as well as provide a strong student community. Organized by over 45 students, we offer professional development events, technical workshops, fully-fledged projects, Hackathons, and online articles and podcasts.


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Where We've Been

Professional Events

Developing students' professionalism through 30+ networking events, technical skill building events, recruiting sessions, career information events, and more!

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Social Events

Providing a community of 100+ students to connect and have fun through game nights, organization socials, study sessions, the Big data/Little Data program, and more!

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Assisting students with 25+ projects to gain practical data-science experience by working on real-world problems, in collaboration with both faculty and industry.


Lecturing 20+ workshops throughout the year for students of all skill levels on technical topics, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Scalable Analytics, Pandas, and more!


Hosting three data science hackathons, with a previous total of 500% students teaming up to analyze large domain-specific datasets and develop reports/projects.


Online Content

Providing 35+ articles, podcast episodes, and tutorials for students to learn more about the applications of data science in industry and technical skills on medium

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